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The year 2020 is the golden time to go with online business opportunities. This is the only way that doesn’t need from you to have a shop and even then you own a digital store online. Daraz is the mega e-commerce platform operating all over Pakistan that has become a centre of buyers and sellers. So, the business owners have certain questions in this regard and her we have got answers. Not only that but we will also guide you here about the benefits of doing business on

Let’s first we address your questions!

How can I start a business on

This is the most important and frequently asked question by those businessmen who want to digitalize their set-ups. So, starting a business on Daraz is not at all difficult. All you need to do is:

  • Go to website and get registered
  • Provide details while listing your products
  • Submit your personal and business information

Is selling on Daraz profitable?

When you are deciding to shift to some online platform to give a boost to your business, just then you ask yourself this question. has now taken a shape of mega online mall where you can have it all what you think of.

The competition is so high but at the same time being a part of this business flow can make your set-up better profitable. It is also a great platform to see around the possible selling opportunities, unique products and then knowing the feedback instantly.

Moreover, the profit also depends upon how fortunate you are to excel in such tough competition at a marketplace like So, for some businesses, it can prove to be profitable while for others it might be just a source of pocket money.

How much can you earn from Daraz?

Taking it into consideration that being fortunate matters a lot to stand out in marketplace like, here we can estimate how much you can earn.

According to the details, Daraz deducts a small percentage of commission from the payment of your orders. Each product commission depends on the type of category it falls under.

On the other hand, Daraz seller account gives you access to millions of customers for your products at 0% commission rates. Also, Daraz helps your business by assisting with fast and reliable shipping, professional services & secure and timely payment.

With a little investment and lesser commission, on having the chance to sell your products, you can earn well from

Benefits of Doing Business on Daraz

As e-commerce is growing rapidly in the present era, so is the best example for all new set-ups or the businesses shifting online.

Although there are numerous benefits of online business opportunities here we have specifically talked about the benefits of doing business on Check out these benefits and reshape your business in a futuristic way.

  • No Registration Fee

The basic concern for starting a business is having a good amount of investment for the products and an outlet. Daraz has minimized this thought by giving an online shop without any registration fee. All you need to do is sign up, get registered, upload products, and start selling in less than 2 days.

  • Sell Across Pakistan

Imagine starting a business and then spending more than the investment in business for just reaching out to the customers. It is more of a loss than an attempt for profiting a business. Daraz has made it much easier by introducing you to a huge market where you can sell products all over Pakistan.

  • Reach Millions of Customers

Daraz is undoubtedly the best mega platform where you can reach millions of customers. Not only that you can sell them your products, but also can have instant feedback for improving the business. It also helps you to know about the interests of customers in different products and design the selling strategy accordingly.

  • Fast and Reliable Shipping

Daraz provides all of its sellers the facility of fast and reliable shipping of products. All you need to do is take orders online, pack them up properly, and rest leave it to Daraz. They make sure to deliver the customers responsibly and at the earliest.

  • Timely Payments

Daraz cares about the sellers and assists them in the best way to expand their businesses. With this consideration, Daraz considers paying the sellers timely for their sales. You can receiver the payment of your orders directly in your account.’

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